The Tarkus Factory


This is a list of some of the projects I have worked on, including academic, industry, and side projects, to refine my skills.

Building My Personal Blog with Julia

If you're reading this, you're on my personal page that I built using the Julia programming language and Franklin. It's a minimalist site that maintains a retro style and a color scheme based on gruvbox. This is also a space where I publish my posts linked to the JuliaBloggers page to share them with the community.

You can find the code here and a post about how I made this website in my blog

Exploring Global Happiness: A Data Analysis of World Countries Happiness Index


After spending a considerable amount of time using Python for data science, I decided to explore a new language for data analysis. This marked my introduction to Julia, and I chose to debut in the community by sharing the data analysis I conducted based on the happiness index score by countries.

Link to the repository and a post

Design of a Streamlit Dashboard for Statistical Analysis of Emergencies for the San Antonio Fire Department, Chile


Construction of a Dashboard in Streamlit and Python for Managing Statistics at the San Antonio Fire Department, aimed at streamlining command operations and facilitating the detection of potential improvements to dispatch procedures.

Link to the prototype

An anime recommender system based on content using tree models

This was a capstone project for the Audacity Machine Learning Engineering course. I chose a dataset that ranked a vast list of anime along with attributes such as the number of episodes, genre, community members, etc. We trained various models to determine which anime series could potentially have a high ranking and be recommended to the general audience.

Link to repository and report

Web Scraping on the Chilean Government's Public Page for Dairy Production.


Being able to extract data from web sources is a valuable skill for a data scientist. Here, I built a Python program using Selenium to extract information from a public Chilean government webpage regarding dairy production. I extracted all the data from the tables and consolidated it into a single CSV file for data analysis.

You can read the detailed procedure on my blog or access a sample of this data through this link.

Emergency system to coordinate multiple institutions, A bi-objective optmization perspective.

This project formed the cornerstone of my master's thesis. In this endeavor, I developed various Java models using CPLEX to address facility location models within a simulated relocation scenario. The project took into account that ambulances, firefighters, and the police in Chile are separate institutions with distinct characteristics, yet they exhibit a significant degree of mutual collaboration in response to various emergencies.

Link to the repository and report in spanish

Data Science on Political Elections in Chile

This was a university project for the data science course and marked my first foray into this field. In this project, we chose to study different cities in Chile to understand their political trends in recent presidential elections and evaluate the correlations that exist with these cities.

Here I earn a certification for this academic poster in spanish

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