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Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

–- Marie Curie

¡Hola! Welcome to my blog

I am Navi, a Chilean industrial engineer living in Tokyo, Japan. I have previous academic experience studying optimization in emergency systems, and in the industry, I have worked in the energy and food sectors as a data analyst/scientist.

This space is used to share knowledge about the world of quantitative methods for decision-making, technology, free software, and reflections on life. I have used different tools, preferably free and open source, but currently, I primarily use Julia and Python.

Why am I here?

This started a few years ago when I was a student of industrial engineering, a career that has a rather strange balance between various studies of engineering sciences, basic sciences, management, economics, etc. I didn't always understand very well where this discipline was moving.

But halfway through this degree, I took a course called operations research, in this class the professor presented us with real-life production and transportation problems and modeled such problems mathematically. From that moment on, it was the first time something genuinely interested me within the career, and I began to notice what kind of things interested me. I decided later to pursue a master's degree to continue studying more about these areas. I learned a bit of R and Java when I realized that to make sense of these theoretical models, a computational tool was necessary. I also began to study advanced topics in statistics and machine learning within that postgraduate program.

Later on in the workforce, I learned a bit of Python to continue working on data analysis. Although it is a mature tool with a lot of material on the internet, I don't think I ever fully understood part of its design and limitations. It is in these curiosities that I decided to learn about Julia, and the truth is, to this day, it has become the tool I like the most, and that addresses the needs of potential problems I would like to tackle.

To this day, I continue to learn independently about the various topics that interest me, from operations research, statistics, programming, open-source software, Linux, and how computers work.

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